Protect and monitor your online Identity

You never know if someone has stolen your information online before it’s too late, until now, thanks to Identity Assists intelligent monitoring services. Signup today for unlimited protection for £29.90 Per Month. Our unlimited package enables you to protect you and your entire family.
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We offer industry leading Identity Protection services

With over 6,000,000 locations monitored online 24 hours a day, we ensure you and your family are always protected giving you complete peace of mind and keeping you safe. 

Unlimited Protection

Identity Assist offers leading online identity protection services. We protect your financial, personal and sensitive information online, 24 hours a day for complete protection.

Automated Alerts

With our advanced systems constantly monitoring numerous locations, we are abe to provide you real-time automated notifications as soon as your details are breached.

Identity Monitoring

We monitor over 6,000,000 websites on the internet and dark web. We also monitor chat rooms, instant messaging applications and forums ensuring you are kept safe.

Identity Restoration

If your details have been compromised, we provide you with a detailed action plan to follow to mitigate risk. Our skilled restoration agents are always on hand.


Don't become another statistic to identity fraud


Don't become another statistic to onlline identity fraud

By using Identity Assist to monitor and protect your online identity, you can rest assured that if your identity is compromised you will be alerted before it is too late with our instant automated alerts and advanced monitoring and protection.

Million Locations
Items Protected
24 /7
Always On Protection
Websites Surveilled

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Ensuring you are protected

Credit And Debit Cards

We monitor an unlimited amount of credit, debit and store cards, as well as bank accounts to ensure you are not at risk financially. We instantly notify you as soon as your financial details are discovered online, and proivde you with a detailed action plan and personalised assistance to mitigate any loss.

Sensitive Documents

Did you know that fraudsters who obtain your passport or driving licence details can use these to open bank accounts, receive fraudulent loans, and commit various crimes without you knowing. We ensure protection by monitoring your Passport, Driving Licence and Nation insurance number.

Personal Information

To ensure you have full protections we enable you to monitor an unlimited amount email addresses and phone numbers. Your email addresses and phone number details can be sold on the internet for fraudsters to use for spam or fraudulent activities. Sign up today to stay protected.


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